Legal advice and legal representation

Law firm of Bénédicte Amsellem-Ossipow, attorney-at-law, Geneva Bar ;

Independent lawyer at the Geneva Bar, with a long legal experience, I offer you my services, my competence and my ethics by advising you in order to avoid, if possible, a dispute and/or the initiation of legal proceedings. If necessary, I represent you in court.

Legal advice allows us to anticipate problems (family law, association, contract, building permit, lease, inheritance, etc.) in order to avoid subsequent conflicts.

Legal representation may be necessary if there is no other option to resolve a dispute. I therefore also defend your interests in court. My approach in this case is pragmatic but no less demanding, and affordable.

Collaborative law practice is a participatory justice process where the parties, assisted by their respective lawyers, agree on a negotiated dispute resolution arrangement that takes into account their needs. There is no referral to the courts for dispute resolution. The courts intervene when necessary to homologate the agreement.

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My values and commitments

I aim to defend everyone's rights, including the right to a healthy environment.

Independence and probity are the cardinal principles of my law office.

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